Aspen Log Fanned Middle Headboard

Aspen Log Fanned Middle Headboard
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Product Description

Our Aspen Log Fanned Middle Headboard harnesses the natural beauty of Rocky Mountain aspens, showcasing rich and vibrant colors throughout each log. The headboard is crafted without large machines, relying instead on custom measurements, precise cuts, hand-sanding, and careful assembly to ensure a perfect fit for every spindle. Once assembled, each headboard receives several hand-sprayed coats of finish for a rich and smooth surface.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted Quality: Custom-measured, cut, hand-sanded, and assembled for precision and beauty.
  • Natural Finish: Hand-sprayed with multiple coats of finish to enhance the natural colors and provide a smooth texture.
  • Space-Saving Design: Compatible with standard metal frames or underdrawers, making it ideal for rooms with limited space.

Customization Options:

  • Standard Style: Quick and easy checkout with our default design.
  • Unique Designs: For a personalized look, choose from various options such as fanned middles and accent rails.
  • Router and Laser Inlays: Add intricate designs to your headboard by selecting your preferred image.

Additional Product Offering: For those seeking a complete bed setup, consider our Aspen Log Traditional Bed. This design offers a narrower structure and includes both a headboard and footboard.

Ordering Information: Select your preferred headboard style and customization options to create a unique piece that fits your needs and preferences.

Contact Us: Need assistance with customization? Our team is ready to help you create the perfect Aspen Log Fanned Middle Headboard. Feel free to call or email us for personalized support.


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    What Is The difference between a Jumbo and a Standard Bed?The side logs on standard beds are roughly 5-6″ in diameter. The logs on jumbo beds measure 6-8″ in diameter. This allows individuals to pick the size of bed that most fits their tastes.


  • TWIN -
    42″ Wide x 7″ Deep x 58″ tall (headboard)
  • FULL -
    58" Wide x 7″ Deep x 58″ tall (headboard)
  • QUEEN -
    64" Wide x 7″ Deep x 58″ tall (headboard)
  • KING -
    80" Wide x 7″ Deep x 58″ tall (headboard)
  • CAL. KING -
    76" Wide x 7″ Deep x 58″ tall (headboard)







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