A company is only as good as the product and service it provides. While we like to think we do a good job, read the testimonials of our wonderful customers.


"I just love this place!" - Christina Young-Neil, Lehi, UT

"You have by far the most comfortable log furniture we have ever sat on. That's actually why we hadn't bought any yet, we could never find any that felt very comfortable." - Wayne York, Pendleton, OR

"We'll be back for more. You have the best furniture we've ever seen - and we have looked at a lot of furniture. We've seen some nice product up in Jackson Hole, but your furniture looks great and is built really well. Overall, it is just the best we have ever seen." - Carl Sullivan, Manti, UT

"Our bed was the best purchase we have ever made, and I'm not just saying that." - Lisa Austill, American Fork, UT

"We have looked all over and this is simply the best furniture we have found. We even looked at Cabella's and it just wasn't as good.....If you ever need a reference, please, let me know! We had looked at all kinds of log furniture and nothing ever worked for us until we found you guys. You're furniture really is great quality." - Lane Marshall, after making a 6 hour drive from their home in Sprink Creek, NV

"I absolutely love my new table. Haven't had much time to sit down and send you a quick note. Thanks for a beautiful table and right on time too I am very impressed." - Pennie Jones, Eaton Rapids, MI

"I love this place. This is the best place we've ever been. I'm so glad you're here." - Patti Smith, Spanish Fork, UT

"You have a great website... We've looked at all kinds of furniture and yours has the most unique look and is the best we have found. You do a great job.... I do have to tell you, that we shopped many websites trying to make our decision and we couldn't find any that came close to your quality and pricing." - Rick & Kim Deeter, Truckee, CA

"I received my log furniture today. It is gorgeous!!!! Very well made and worth the cost. Thank you." - Edie Goetz, Tuscan, AZ

"I want to thank you for your great customer service since I started buying from you. It will keep me as a lifetime customer." - Wendy Greatorex, West Valley, UT

"You have the best prices anywhere in the United States!" - Chris Jafferis, sales representative for rustic furniture and accessories from around the world, Bayard, NE

"We want to express to you our gratitude for all your efforts helping us obtain the bunk bed set before Thanksgiving. Also, thank you for the refund checks, very unexpected. We are impressed by your business integrity and ethics! It is a pleasure doing business with you. Our family is truly enjoying the bunk beds. We had a cabin full of family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years and bunk beds made it comfortable for all. We also really enjoy our outside swing. We wish you a wonderful successful year! Thank you again for your kindness and help!" - Sincerely, Jack and Valerie Young, Pleasant Grove, UT

"Whenever you're discouraged or having a bad day, just know that you made someone's dream come true! [My bedroom set] is so AWESOME!" - Krista Corette, Redondo Beach, CA

"Well we received our furniture and it is absolutely beautiful, everything that we had expected, all the pieces fit perfectly where I wanted them and the Armoir works great with the T.V. on top, with 1/2 inch to spare like I figured. It was a great experience working with you over phone calls and emails, but everything is wonderful, I will take some pictures of our room done up and email you some pictures. Again thank you very much and it was great doing business with you. We might get some more stuff down the road so I will keep your flyer and all your info handy." - Gail and Roy Reeves. Olds, Alberta, Canada

"Finally got our furniture all set up and in use. Love it--Love it--Love it--so comfortable!!" - Bill and Linda Buetow, Pollock Pines, CA

"I have looked at over 10 other log furniture companies, nothing has even come close." - Alisha Loder

"I just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful log bed. We love it!!! we will be ordering more from you in the future once we get the cash saved. The gentleman that delivered it was very kind and helped us get it in the house.....he needs a big kudos. Thanks again" - Mitzi Asch, Vancouver, WA

"I love it in here. This is my favorite place to go in Orem." - Liz Sartori, Orem, UT

"I appreciated and enjoyed receiving your note and know you won't think it's corny for me to say that I feel that your furniture will bring not only a lovely appearance to my home but also a warmth that other people will feel that comes, in large part, from the respect and honor reflected in your manner of doing business. In Hawaii we call that the 'aloha spirit' and you certainly have it!" - Nancy Stukan, Kealakekua, HI (furniture was for residence in Eden, UT)

"I searched online, I looked at other builders' stuff, and nothing worked. I was looking at [a local company's] stuff and it just looked like assembly furniture. Admittedly, it was cheaper, and he said he could build in aspen, but his stuff was [no good]. I then remembered why I went with your product in the first place and knew I just needed to finish off the home with it or I'd regret it." - Sam Palmatier, Provo, UT

"I told my son-in-law we were looking for log furniture and he told me how you spent two hours at his home repairing the door to his entertainment center. I figured if that is how you treat your customers then you were the type of company we wanted to do business with." - Lloyd and Sherri Andrus, Taylorsville, UT

"We bought an 8' cargo trailer just for you furniture." - Robert and Judy Temple, Bakersfield, CA

"If you ever need a reference, please let me know." - Dale Stone, furnished majority of cabin in Timberlakes, UT

"It's hard coming here; I've spent so much already - but then I look at it and it's worth it." - Scott Limb, Timberlakes, UT

"I just wanted to let you know we've got the table in place and it fits perfectly and looks great. Thank you so much! Now I need to buy some nightstands and..." - Samie Clayton, Salt Lake City, UT

"You have beautiful furniture and the quality in the workmanship exceeds that of other similar log furniture stores that we have visited." - Regards, Gerri Morgan, West Valley, UT

"It is always a pleasure working with you.:) Your work and customer service appears to be one of the finest I have ever came across. Thank you again for everything." --- After receiving one of their orders: "Sorry I haven't had the chance to tell you how much I love my entertainment center. It is absolutely beautiful. The T.V. fit perfect. Thank you so much. I just love your work." - Vicki Nunes, Rocklin, CA

"It must feel good to be selling such a great product. Your quality is incredible and the furniture is so beautiful." - Kristi Adams, furnished majority of cabin in Lava Hot Springs, ID

"Received your bar stools. Thanks; great customer service!" - Kirstie Wilson, Corvallis, MT

"We sold our home with all of your furniture with it.... The people that bought it wanted the furniture with it. We're going to build a new home so when it's done we'll be back to furnish it with your furniture again." - Steve and Christine Strate, Tooele, UT

"You really have great stuff. There's just so much - well you know - junk out there. You really have a great product." - Tom Heatherington, Kallispell, MT

"We love our furniture. We get compliments all the time on our dining set. And on our bed. And on our dresser." - Bob Larsen, Heber City, UT

"We are so glad we found you guys. We have looked for this stuff for ages and you have the best selection we've ever seen! Now that we know you're here we'll definately be back for more.... You're customer service is just great!" - Gary & Deawn Marshall, Leador, ID

"Thank you- I have to say this is the best Web/ordering experience I have had ordering furniture. Thank you for being so helpful!" - Sophia Moore, Park City, UT

"We looked all over town and yours was the best. This was my favorite place. Yours had better color, more character, you have taller and bigger logs - it's great.... You guys must stay busy because we looked at a lot of places and yours was by far the best quality." - Cindy Campbell, Draper, UT

"We love all of our furniture. Everyone that comes to our home loves it too and we tell them all to come here." - Dave Coyner, Springville, UT

"I feel like Goldilocks. I'm going around trying everyone's chairs and yours are just so much more comfortable.... We have looked for years for some chairs and we finally found some we like. You have done a great job at getting the right arch for the backs." - Nick & Ren Keim, Norco, CA

"I told my dad what I was looking for and he said, without hesitation, 'Go to Rodney - I wouldn't go anywhere else. We bought our furniture from him years ago and he has taken great care of us.'" --- (10 months after his order) --- "We love our furniture and everyone that comes to the home think it's awesome. We have a lot of people that say how much they love the dining table but then say, 'I'm afraid to even ask how much it cost.' I reply, 'Actually, you'd be suprised, it's not that much....' It's awesome, we're so happy with everything." - Russell Green, Saratoga Springs, UT

"Love the piece! Great packaging job...no problems with shipping." - Stephen Morris, Burlington, CT

"We received the replacement futon spindles yesterday. Thank you so much. They look so much better than the ones we made. I truly appreciate your willingness to help us... We purchased your furniture in 2012 and continue to be very pleased." - Charlotte Wilson, Bend, OK