Aspen Log Picnic Table

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Product Description

Combining solid, rustic, and beautiful aspen log materials with pine slats, our Aspen Log Picnic Table will be a highlight to your porch, deck, or sun-room. Each log is hand-peeled and sanded so that it is smooth and comfortable to the touch. The pine slats are 2″ thick in order to provide strength and durability to the elements of nature. The solid aspen log legs and table trim provide a uniquely rustic look for each picnic table.

Since each climate and home is unique, our outdoor products are sold Unfinished. This allows our customers to apply the best outdoor finish for the climate in their area as well as provides the option for the furniture to stained the same color as the home or cabin it will accent. While Unfinished is the standard, we do offer to apply our stock finish as anĀ availableĀ option.

As part of the ordering process, selectĀ the size that best fits your needs and then determine if you would like to add any of the available options to customize to your liking.

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    What is the outdoor stain that is applied?Our outdoor products come Unfinished as a standard. However, for those who prefer to have the chair stained we currently use a product called SuperDeckĀ®.
  • How does Aspen hold up in the outdoors?Aspen, Pine, Redwood Cedar and other similar woods are considered Soft Woods. As a result, they tend to be porous in nature and subject to the wear-and-tear of rain and snow. As is recommended with decks and other wood products, regular refinishing will maintain the fresh and vibrant look of the wood. We highly recommend that you consult with a local company to determine which outdoor product is best for your area as cold, humidity, and other factors play a part in the wear-and-tear of outdoor furniture.


  • All Lengths -
    42" Wide x 30" High







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