Aspen Log Bar Buffet Hutch

Aspen Log Bar Buffet Hutch Only - Gnarly Option
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Product Description

Enhance your Bar with our Aspen Log Bar Buffet Hutch, offering expanded display and storage options. Crafted from solid aspen wood, each hutch features beautiful red, brown, and gray shades unique to every piece. Designed with concealed hardware, the hutch emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood, complemented by multiple hand-sprayed varnish coats for a luxurious finish.

Key Features:

  • Solid Aspen Wood Construction: Durable and showcases natural color variations.
  • Hardware Concealment: Preserves the aesthetic purity of the wood.
  • Adjustable Log-Trim Shelves: Includes 6 adjustable shelves (2 per section).
  • Customization Options: Choose between flat front or log front styles.
  • Size Selection: Tailor the hutch to fit your space requirements.
  • Additional Features: Customize with options such as wine bottle shelves, wine glass racks, and more.

Select from our standard Bar Buffet Hutch or add features to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Contact Us for Assistance

For personalized assistance in customizing your Handcrafted Aspen Log Bar Buffet & Hutch Set, please reach out to our knowledgeable team via phone or email.


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    What is the difference between Flat Front And Log Front?Flat Front and Log Front refers to the drawer front and door style of each product consisting of these components. Flat Front drawers and doors are just that – flat surfaced finish work. On the other hand, Log Front drawer fronts are three small logs laminated together and shaped to form one drawer front. Log Front doors are aspen paneling wrapped in log trim. The Log Front option is very popular among those who prefer a darker, more rustic look.
  • What type of drawer slides are used for the drawers?Our drawer slides are sturdy, full-extending ball-bearing drawer slides (chrome) with “stop and catch” features. These ensure children cannot pull the drawers out and they will “catch” to stay shut.
  • What is the depth of the two sliding top options?The Sliding Top provides a 2 1/2″ concealed cavity and the Deep Sliding Top provides a 4 1/2″ cavity. NOTE: The Deep Sliding top adjusts the size and height of the top drawer resulting is less storage for the top dresser drawer whereas the sliding top does not change any dresser dimensions.
  • How many drawers does the split top option apply to?By default, for dressers we apply it to the top two and it is priced that way. If you would like to split only one drawer please call us for assistance.


  • All Widths -
    22" Deep x 45" Tall