Aspen Log Dining Table

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Product Description

Made out of solid Rocky Mountain aspen materials, our Aspen Log Dining Table provides an incredibly colorful, vibrant, and rustic element to your dining room. Each log is hand-peeled and sanded so that it is smooth and comfortable to the touch. The tabletop materials are kiln-dried and hydraulically glued together and then a supportive panel is laminated underneath in order to provide a strong and endurable finished product. Once the log trim has been secured and the entire tabletop has been sanded, several coats of varnish are hand-sprayed in order to provide the final touch to the masterpiece that is each tabletop.

We just wanted to tell you that we just love our dining room set. It is the focal point of our whole room. We are so happy we went with the extra gnarly as it really makes the “rustic” statement we were looking for. We’re also so happy we went with the liquid glass poured top. It finishes it off while protecting the wood.


Bob & Marlene Duncan, Portland, OR

Dining Tables are one of the most abused pieces of furniture in the home. While it is an upgrade option, we strongly recommend the liquid glass finish as it provides added protection and durable for every dining tabletop and will help reduce scratches and provides additional chemical and water-resistant protection.

We offer various table sizes and options to help provide you the best selection possible. When ordering, select your preferred size and then decide if you would like to customize the table further by adding the liquid glass finish, angling the corners of the table, increasing the table height, and many other possibilities. Select the gnarly option to make your dining table “extra rustic” and/or add some extra color with the wild panel option. There are many possibilities!

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Please feel free to call or email us if you would like help customizing your specific Aspen Log Dining Table. We love helping our customers get their orders just right.


    What are the specifications of the table materials?The trimmed tables are 1" thick laminated paneling completely wrapped in 2" thick log trim.
  • Can tables be ordered with leaves?Yes, see our page specifically for this option.


  • All Sizes -
    30" High










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