Aspen Log Timberland Captains Chair

TImberland Captains Chair
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Product Description

Weaving together solid logs and solid panel construction, our Aspen Log Timberland Captains Chair has been carefully engineered to be sturdy, comfortable, and appealing. Each chair is completely stripped of bark and finish sanded to be smooth and comfortable to the touch. Each chair is hand-sprayed with a special varnish to provide a chemical and water-resistant protective covering. The backing of each chair is angled and the spindles have been flattened to provide a comfortable fit and feel. The Aspen Log Timberland Captains Chair provides a beautiful look and feel that goes perfectly with our Aspen Log Dining Tables.

The compliment we most often receive for our chairs is their comfort, especially compared to other log chairs available on the market.

As you order, choose from the style of log from smooth materials or more rustic and gnarly materials. Choose between the standard chair and the Dining Chair with arms. For extra comfort, the upholstered seat provides long-lasting comfort. These chairs are a great choice for adding a classic rustic feel to any house or kitchen.

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Feel free to call or email us if you would like assistance selecting the best Dining Chair for your needs.


    Are chairs made out of logs really that comfortable?Having sat on many log chairs ourselves, we understand the reason for this question. However, individuals are often surprised at how comfortable our chairs are. We have tested several different designs and angles to find the best combination that provides the most comfortable fit and feel. We also offer our chairs with upholstered cushions. Not only does this increase the comfort of the chairs but it adds a little touch of class to any dining set.


  • Timberland Dining Chair -
    20" Wide x 24" Deep x 42" High