9″ Carved Bear

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9 bear sitting sign fishing
9 bear hiking namedrop9 bear hiking9 bear firefighter stick sign9 bear firefighter9 bear card holder9 bear attitude9 bear wavy sign namedrop9 bear waving sign9 bear waving9 bear tilter head9 bear tilted head sign namedrop9 bear tilted head fishing9 bear tilted head9 bear stump sign9 bear stump namedrop9 bear stump9 bear skiing holding sign9 bear skiing9 bear sitting sign fishing9 bear sitting sign9 bear sitting fishing9 bear sitting9 bear peeking9 bear peaking namedrop9 bear hunting namedrop9 bear hunting holding sign9 bear hunting9 bear honey pot9 bear holding sign namedrop9 bear hiking sign

Product Description

Carved from the majestic pines of the Rocky Mountains, the 9″ Carved Bear of our hand-carved critter collection will add fun and flare to your home. With various styles, colors and animals available we have a broad offering from small to large to provide that perfect accent for your home. From a 3′ Bear welcoming your guests to a 2′ Moose offering a little assistance in the bathroom, the broad variety allows you to remind yourself and your guests that life is too short to go a day without a smile.

Each carving is treated with a UV protecting Spar Urethane.

Because of the broad offering available we only stock a few of the most popular colors and carving designs. However, orders of our carved beds can typically be shipped within 1-2 weeks.

Can you really resist not having one or our critter friends in your home? Feel free to call or email if you would like assistance placing your order,


    Can I choose the bear color?Yes, the 2 bear colors are brown and black.


  • Carving -
    6" x 6" x 9"


- While we strive to maintain an inventory of our most popular items, with so many carving options available most of them are carved per order and can typically ship in 2-3 weeks. For faster shipping possibilities, call or email us about our current schedule and inventory.

- The smaller carvings ship via FedEx or the US Postal Service. Larger order shipments will arrive curb side by a freight carrier. If you desire additional services please call us for a personalized quote.

** NEED IT NOW - Items with the red NEED IT NOW button are typically stocked in our inventory and are usually ready for pick-up or delivery right away!




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