Aspen Log 1 Drawer Nightstand

21"W Aspen End Table with Flat Front Drawer
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Product Description

Sanded and shaped out of beautiful aspens of the Rocky Mountains, our Aspen Log 1 Drawer Nightstand is a simple yet elegant addition to your living or bedroom. The solid wood construction allows for the rich reds, greys, and browns to be featured throughout each piece. Like a miraculous snowflake, no two are alike as each piece enjoys its own unique combination of colors, curves, and textures. Each top is made from solid wood aspen panels and then trimmed with a unique and colorful log accent edging.

Commonly used to sit beside your bedside, the Aspen Log 1 Drawer Nightstand can also be utilized as an end table beside living furniture, an entry-way table, or a display piece to feature photos, trophies, and more. Truly, the possibilities are limited by your imagination.

We offer different end table sizes to provide solutions that best suite your needs. Also available are different drawer front styles from a more traditional flat front look to the more rustic log front. When ordering, select your preferred size and then decide if you would like to customize the end table further by removing the shelf, adding an extra shelf, changing the design of the shelf, or even changing the color of the nightstand by selecting the stained option. You can also choose to have the end table made “extra rustic” by selecting to have the end table built from gnarly logs and/or add some extra color with the wild panel option.

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Please feel free to call or email us if you would like help customizing your specific Aspen Log 1 Drawer Nightstand. We love helping our customers get their orders just right.



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    29" High
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