Aspen Log Futon Bunk Bed

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Product Description

Our Aspen Log Futon Bunk Bed is constructed from beautiful Rocky Mountain Aspens and provides rich and vibrant colors to accent the bedrooms of your home. While tools are certainly utilized in the production process, there is no large machine to mass-produce and run the bed materials through. Each bed is hand-sanded and assembled with every spindle being custom measured and cut to ensure a nice and clean fit. Once it is assembled, each bed is then hand-sprayed with several coats of finish in order to provide a rich and smooth coating. Choose from a more smooth and subtle look or our more rustic and gnarly Aspen Log Futon Bunk Bed.

By nature, bunk beds allow for maximum sleeping space for the bedrooms they are placed in. With space an obvious concern, our bunk beds have the ladder built into the design of the bed so as to avoid an unstable ladder that takes up additional floor space. And for extra safety and protection, spindles are integrated into the side rails of the upper-bunk.  Additionally, having the bottom bunk be a futon rather than a standard bed, maximizes even more space and usability of the product, giving you the option of having either a couch to lounge or a bed to sleep.

For added color or beautiful character, consider the gnarly and stain options.

On this bunk bed page we offer the following bunk bed sizes:

  • Twin-Over-Full
  • Twin-Over Queen

If you would like help selecting the right bed for your needs, we would love to help. Feel free to call or email us for assistance and help with any questions.

If you’re interested in our regular bunk bed, you can find it here:


    Does the built-in ladder come standard?Yes. The new design has a ladder integrated into the head and footboard of the bunk beds.
  • What does the bunk bed come with? Is there anything else I need to purchase?The bunk bed comes complete with slats and bunky boards. All you will need are the mattresses and the bedding.
  • Do I need a box spring for the bottom mattress?A box spring is not required since a bunky board will serve as the foundation for the bottom bunk's mattress. A box spring can be used, however, it reduces the moving space between the top and bottom bunks.


  • Twin-Over-Full -
    67" Wide x 87" Long x 70" Tall
  • Twin-Over-Queen -
    73" Wide x 91" Long x 70" Tall